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TTI MEDICAL was established in 1984, with the mission of designing and marketing high quality, technologically advanced surgical instruments and medical devices. Our product design criteria must pass critical tests for performance, convenience, dependability, and cost containment. Product quality is held to the highest standards. Opportunities within the medical marketplace are constantly being identified and evaluated for new product development. Patents protect the proprietary technology utilized in the ACCU-Beam and ACCU-Surg product lines. The fundamental principal of "universality" is incorporated in each product design. Universality ensures the end user of maximum utilization at the lowest possible cost. TTI Medical's philosophy of producing high quality reusable surgical devices focuses on the cost containment criteria required within the hospital managed care environment.

ACCU-Beam CO2 Laser Handpieces
A variety of focal lengths with single focus lenses or zoom focus to change the focal length and spot size

ACCU-Beam Dermatology Handpiece
Used for dermatology procedures such as blepharoplasty, phytidectomy, dermabrasion and removal of portwine stain and tattoos.

ACCU-Beam Uvulopaltoplasty Handpiece
Used for laser assisted uvulopalatoplasty (LAUP), oral lesions, polypectomy and soft tissue incision

Universal CO2 Laser Micromanipulator
The ACCU-Beam Universal CO2 Laser Micromanipulator

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