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Medtel offers a wide range of Research and Clinical Stimulators, Magnetic Stimulators, Quantitative Sensory Analysers, EEG/EMG/EP Systems and OAE Screeners/Analysers.

Brain Products
Designed specifically for the user environment and efficient workflow

High Voltage Electrical Stimulators
Transcranial cortical (electrical) motor evoked potentials (TceMEPs) are used during intraoperative spinal cord monitoring to help prevent post-operative paraplegia

Image Guided TMS
Brainsight Frameless is a stereotactic image guidance system that facilitates the positioning of transcranial magnetic stimulator coils over a subject\'s brain

Magnetic Stimulators
Magnetic Stimulation designed to send strong, very brief and painless magnetic pulses directly into those specific body regions

Nerve Monitors
Nerve Monitors can reduce the risk of nerve damage during surgery by the use of simple but effective equipment

OAE Screeners / Analysers
Otoacoustic Emission (OAE) instruments for research and audiological applications

Quantitative Sensory Analysers
Development and Application of Quantitative Sensory Testing devices for evaluation or peripheral and central nervous system disorders

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