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Monitoring & Anaesthesia

In teaming up with Spacelabs Healthcare, Medtel has the ability to offer innovative Monitoring and Anaesthesia solutions nationwide. By offering a broad portfolio of modular solutions and peripherals, Anaesthetists are able to access comprehensive patient information, which enables faster, precise decision making. What's more, you can configure products and modules to satisfy your individual practice requirements and preferences.
Today's systems incorporate the latest technology to offer you unparalleled performance in ventilation and vaporization, delivering exceptional performance based on accuracy, reliability and simplicity. With this technology providing guidance and Spacelabs state of the art Anaesthesia Systems providing precision delivery, operators are able to administer with enhanced patient safety and patient satisfaction.

Anesthesia Machines

Anesthesia Systems
Specialising in the design, manufacture and distribution of anesthesia systems with a focus on Performance, Choice and Ventilation.

Patient Monitors

Patient Monitors
Innovative monitoring and information systems to support decision-making and help improve patient care.


Clinical Tools
Clinical tools to support medical professionals with patient care


Digital Telemetry allows you to configure your system to match the needs of your patients and your clinicians.

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